An awards scheme like no other. We’re not about increasing egos or filling wallets, we’re creating a community that gives a damn. We work hard to influence real tangible change for good, encouraging creatives to become the changemakers the world needs.

Here is where it all begins. It’s time to have an impact.

The Creative Conscience Awards welcome projects by students and graduates (of up to two years) from any creative discipline. The deadline for 2018 has now passed, but we’ll be launching the 2019 awards at the end of this year. The awards are the perfect opportunity to push your curiosity and create the change you want to see in the world. You can work individually or in teams of up to six, and can choose your own issue to tackle or work from one of our exciting briefs.

  • Main Deadline April 26th
  • Judging Throughout May
  • Shortlist Announcement Early June
  • Awards Ceremony July 3rd

Example Briefs

Our awards scheme searches for exciting projects with a focus on social impact. You can enter anything you like, as long as the project fits into one of our Impact Themes. We also have some exciting briefs that give a starting point if you feel you need it, tackling some of the most relevant issues that our world faces today. This years deadlines have passed, but feel free to download the briefs for your own personal projects, or to start working early on an entry for the 2019 awards.

Shortlisted projects are judged by a panel of industry experts based on your creative approach and the potential impact of your project.

Open Brief Background

If you have an issue that you are passionate about, that you believe could help change the world in a positive way you could enter it under our Open Brief. You could identify something that isn’t working for you about the world around you and look for a solution. We’re interested however big or small your ideas are.

We are looking for solutions and provocations that will call people to action and can lead to genuine impact. Projects can be conceptual or have the potential to develop into real life-changing solutions.

The themes you might wish to explore can be broad and varied.

Past projects have included design solutions for food waste, humanitarian aid, education, water shortage, energy efficiency, inclusivity, campaigns & products against FGM, bullying, inequality, poverty, homelessness, child abuse, over-consumption, mental illness, urban living – to list just a few subject areas.

Open Brief Challenge

The Open Brief is your chance to create a project that deals with any issue you’re passionate about solving. Identify something that isn’t working in the world around you and look for a solution, however big or small.

We’re looking for solutions and provocations that have the potential to provoke action and have a genuine impact. Projects can be conceptual or have the potential to develop into real life-changing solutions.

Past projects have included creative solutions for food waste, humanitarian aid, education, water shortage, energy efficiency, inclusivity, bullying, inequality, poverty, homelessness, child abuse, over-consumption, mental illness, urban living and much more.

Mental Health Background

Negative experiences happen in all of our lives: difficulties with work or finances, the breakdown of a relationship, overwhelming family responsibilities, or a significant setback for example. Mental health can affect anyone.

There are many ways we can cope with mental illness: establishing and maintaining relationships, discussing our issues and taking action when possible, however there are stigmas surrounding mental health that we unfortunately need to tackle.

Mental Health Challenge

How can you use your creative skills to aid those with mental health issues? If your life or the life of those around you has been touched by mental health issues, then use these experiences as possible entry points into the brief and as a means of research to explore potential routes and solutions.

The challenge really is boundless in however you want to approach it, all we ask is that the outcome is optimistic and empowering towards the audience. Let’s open up and tackle this issue head on to create some real positive change in the world.

Here are some useful links to start you off:


Equality Background

Equality is a human right. Both men and women are entitled to live with dignity and with freedom from want and from fear. Whether this be gender equality as a precondition for advancing development and reducing poverty: empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of whole communities, improving the prospects for the next generation. Or more general human rights for minorities, those under threat of being suppressed or living in fear because of who they are or what they believe.

Equality Challenge

Can you think of a way to change current behaviours and inspire people to understand the value brought by treating everyone equally?

You may simply want to raise awareness, or perhaps you can think of a way to actively change human behaviour and understanding.

Here are some useful links to start you off:

Global Goals

Refugee Crisis Background

This brief has been set in partnership with Help Refugees

The most basic requirements for refugees to regain their independence are housing, language and employment. Without housing, people become destitute; without the ability to speak the local language, it is very difficult to get a job; without employment independence is almost impossible.

Refugee Crisis Challenge

How can we creatively support the empowerment of refugees in host countries, and improve their access to opportunities?

Local language: classes can be expensive and restrictive in terms of the amount that you can study, when and where. What creative solutions could help with this?

Employment: refugee unemployment in the UK is 50%, and many refugees are overqualified for the jobs they take. How can we find creative ways to increase people’s chances of finding meaningful work quickly?

Integration: how can we build bridges with local communities? Can you find ways to keep community at the heart of these proposals?

Empowerment: Can you consider innovative ways for Help Refugees to raise more funds to allow us to do more for empowerment projects?

*96p from every pound raised already goes straight to our projects on the ground.

Extreme Weather Background

Extreme weather and climate events seem to be increasing in recent decades, and new and stronger evidence confirms that some of these increases are related to human activities. Whilst many think that these conditions are out of our control, there is still a lot that can be done to prevent, prepare or protect people from these kinds of tragic events.

Extreme weather includes:

  • Drought – caused by lack of rain
  • Flash floods – caused by too much rain in a short period of time
  • Extreme winds and storms – Such as hurricanes and monsoons
  • An extreme cold spell
  • An extreme heat wave

Extreme Weather Challenge

With extreme weather events taking place across the world, how can you use your creative talents to help prevent, prepare or protect people from having to survive in the heart of these conditions?

Here are some useful links to start you off:

National Geographic, Weather Gone Wild
Before the Flood Trailer
Why Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico so hard
Why this summer’s extreme weather is here to stay
Extreme Weather


The awards ceremony and beyond

If you’re a winner you will receive an invite to our awards ceremony, hosted in London in July. At the ceremony you’ll get to mingle with creatives and professionals from complimentary organisations as well as other winners.

Your winning work will be displayed on our site, plus you’ll be invited to be part of the Creative Conscience Collective – a platform to communicate with other winners, past and present, and where exclusive events and opportunities are shared.

Beyond the awards, we also help to bring the brightest and most innovative projects to life though our Impact scheme. Providing contacts and mentorship, we support you with your project helping to create tangible impact in the world.

See the Judges

Talks and workshops

We’re involved in numerous talks and workshops throughout the year. We tailor each talk and workshop with a relevant theme or topic, and provide the advice, inspiration and encouragement needed to create meaningful, impactful projects. Sometimes we’ll even bring special guests from our community along too.

If you’re interested in us visiting your university or business, please contact us and we can provide you with more details and organise a date. We also take part in creative events that are open to the public, so keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter to be in the know.

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